Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Perk Up: Why You Should Offer Employee Perks

By R. Bruce Dalglish of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An important component of corporate culture is the type of benefits you offer your employees.

Perks, which is short for perquisites, are privileges granted to your employees in addition to their salaries and benefits. Traditionally, some perks have included healthcare plans and vacation time, but now companies are creating new perks to offer their employees.

Today, perks have evolved and diversified to include such benefits as complementary lunches, personal trainers and business “free time,” during which employees are allowed to do personalized research and in-house education programs. These incentives may seem outlandish, but they are proven to increase productivity, raise employee happiness, entice attractive new hires, and increase retention.

Perks don’t have to be large and costly to the organization; they can be simple things, such as a coffee maker in the employee lounge, a stocked refrigerator, or reserved parking. These little things can add up to making a big difference in your recruiting process. In other words, having desirable perks may be the ticket to attracting desirable employees.

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About the Author

A resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, R. Bruce Dalglish has served as the Chairman and CEO of Alliance Hospice and All Caring Hospice since 2005. In this role, Bruce Dalglish oversees the development and strategic direction of both companies. From 2008 – 2013, Bruce Dalglish served on the Public Policy Committee of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).  


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