Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Assembling the Right Team for Your Organization

By R.Bruce Dalglish of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Assembling the right team for the job is essential to the success of your organization. This is why special attention must be paid to the way you select and hire your employees.

Besides confirming the essential job qualifications of your candidates, it is important to look at whether the potential employee will be a good fit in your company’s corporate culture. Members of truly great and effective teams work in synergy with each other. This, in turn, requires everyone to be able to communicate freely and share the common vision for the company.

Your job candidate may have all the necessary skills and experience required to do the job, but if he or she does not fit well within your organization’s established cultural norms, you should look elsewhere. Assembling the right team for your company will require you to look beyond resumes and recommendations. Remember, the people you hire today will be essential for moving your organization forward for years to come.

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About the Author

A resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, R. Bruce Dalglish has served as the Chairman and CEO of Alliance Hospice and All Caring Hospice since 2005. In this role, Bruce Dalglish oversees the development and strategic direction of both companies. From 2008 – 2013, Bruce Dalglish served on the Public Policy Committee of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).  


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